Full-Spectrum Liquid, 30 mL


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Product Overview

Full-Spectrum liquid is a 33 mg per dropper (1 mL) of Hemp derived water soluble Full-Spectrum extract uniquely available at HealthyUStore.  We have confirmed with certificates of assay that is toxin free, mold free, and that the dose is consistent from batch to batch. 

Full-Spectrum liquid is derived from cannabis plants that have been grown as hemp, meaning that it is not marijuana, grows naturally low in CBD, and is not subject to any of the regulatory issues surrounding medical marijuana.

Full-Spectrum liquid is water soluble, meaning that it has been converted from a fat-soluble oil into exquisitely tiny nano-particle sized micro-molecules that, by virtue of their small size, are water soluble. This means it has a quicker onset of effect, and it is 2-5 times more bioavailable.  This means that it requires a lower dose to get the same effect as the human body does with a fat-soluble oil.

This product is rigorously tested and those certificates of assay are obtained with each new lot.  This is critically important when CBD may be assisting with seizure management. 

CBD is well known to be a versatile molecule in the human body.  Not only does it have its own unique effect on the endocannabinoid system of our bodies, CBD can modulate the activity of other molecules and enzymes in positive ways as well.  CBD is NOT psychoactive, is not sedating, acts on the endocannabinoid receptors as well as the GABA- A receptors.  As a result, CBD has been shown, in the scientific literature to have beneficial effects as an immunomodulator, in reducing anxiety, and in reducing seizures. 


Use as directed by your practitioner.

Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Gum Arabic, Coconut derived MCT Oil

Bottle contains 1000 mg Full-Spectrum Liquid


(No reviews yet) Write a Review