Ipriflavone 300 mg, 180 caps

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Product Overview

Ipriflavone capsules, provided by Douglas Laboratories®, contain 300 mg of ipriflavone, a type of isoflavone. Ipriflavone is a phytonutrient that supports normal bone turnover and decreased bone resorption for healthy bone structure. Ipriflavone helps promote bone density by inhibiting bone resorption. Numerous studies of postmenopausal women and individuals whose bones are showing signs of demineralization have investigated the benefits of ipriflavone on bone health. Laboratory and clinical studies have documented ipriflavone’s positive effect on bone density. Ipriflavone, together with adequate calcium, vitamin D, and other key nutrients in bone health, offers non-estrogenic protection against excessive bone resorption. Unlike other well-known isoflavones, such as genistein found in soy foods, ipriflavone does not have estrogenic activity. Ipriflavone can be safely used in conjunction with natural phytoestrogens or with HRT. Further, ipriflavone provides a positive effect on bone health in women for whom hormone therapies are contraindicated. Directions: Serving size one capsule. Use as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Ingredients: Gelatin, cellulose, water, magnesium stearate.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review